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        Warehousing & Distribution

        Warehousing_IconGenesee has warehousing and distribution operations conveniently located in and around Flint, Michigan to ensure efficient distribution channels for and to all customers in the Midwest. With over 30 years serving industrial firms, we specialize in meeting the needs of a wide range of customers. Check out the Markets we serve – from Automotive JIT management to Internet startup back-end operations, Genesee is your 360-degree partner.

        Our strategic location in the I69 Corridor ensures a convenient local footprint with a wide global reach.


        Complete Logistics Partner

        144965169Genesee’s logistics professionals can suggest and implement innovative practices to help eliminate unneeded costs, and improve performance.

        • Dedicated Warehouse Operations
        • Facility Management
        • Multi-Client Warehouse Facilities
        • Foreign Trade Zone Space
        • Hazardous Materials Specialized
        • Transload/Crossdocking
        • Rail Served Facilities



        Create an Integrated Logistics Solution

        Genesee also offers a variety of value-added services within our warehousing facilities including:

        • and more…



        Sequencing Services




        Ship Direct Services


        Logistics & Distribution

        See how Genesee Helped

        a customer open a new manufacturing facility in record time by taking
        Warehousing, Inventory Management and Sequencing off-site



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