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        Rework & Sorting Services

        Rework_IconThere are times when the best Inspection, Verification and Containment processes lead to products that are able to meet specs with rework. It starts with Sorting.

        Genesee reacts quickly after a containment to provide sorting services to ensure defect-free products to your customers. We work to insure your delivery schedules to your customer are on-schedule with on-spec quality. Whether at your facility, your supplier’s, your customer’s or one of our facilities, we provide both visual inspection sorting and dimensional inspection to keep production lines filled with defect-free parts.

        ISO Certified Rework Operations

        Engine PlantAs a fully-integrated operation, Genesee thrives on developing and implementing Rework processes. We develop an ISO-certified process that assures quality –

        • Standard visual work instructions for each operation
        • Quality validations
        • Testing & inspection
        • Cycle time and throughput reporting
        • Kitting, packaging
        • Inventory management



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