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        Prime Government Supplier


        A prime government supplier shipping into the war zone theater needed an experienced corrugated supplier familiar with military specific materials to manufacture containers that would pass on site government quality inspections and keep their product flowing into the supply chain.



        Genesee Packaging revised the box specifications which produced a well defined folding edge for the container. ?We then incorporated an additional production step process to further ensure that the dense material required would not develop stress cracks along these folding edges. We later, through our continuous improvement procedures, provided the customer an alternative design that could run through automated machinery, increasing?their manufacturing efficiency while maintaining their close military specification standards.



        Customer avoided costly containment and inspection fees and kept their much needed product shipping into the war zone. Genesee introduced a JIT delivery schedule which reduced the customers’ warehouse requirements by 30% and reduced their landed cost by 25%. Genesee Packaging through continuous improvement provided another design that could run through automated machinery that increased our customers manufacturing efficiency while maintaining close military specification standards.


        Genesee Packaging??More Proof of How Genesee Packaging Saves Client’s Time & Money!!


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