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        Pallet Pack Systems

        Pallet_Pack_IconGenesee Packaging can simplify your packaging systems. Our specially-designed Pallet Packs are all setup and ready to go. Just take off the cover, load your parts and you’re prepared to ship.

        Our systems eliminate the time-consuming steps of taping and gluing while being extremely cost effective. We’ll deliver standard or custom Pallet Pack systems JIT, saving you precious floor space. We offer –

        • Hardwood, softwood and heat-treated wood
        • 2-way entry, 4-way entry, 9-block, flush and winged
        • Heavy-duty shipping containers
        • Interior dividers
        • Corner posts
        • Covers
        • Pre-assembled or Flat knocked-down
        • Just in Time delivery of pallet packs


        Custom Pallet Containers

        pallet boxesCall on our packaging design engineers to develop custom pallet containers to your needs or specs. We’ll help develop the most efficient pallet at the most effective price.






        Packaging Materials & Supplies

        • Poor DeliveryCarton sealing tape
        • Shrink film
        • Stretch film
        • Plastic bags
        • VCI paper
        • Labels
        • Pad Pack Cushioning




        4840 Kit

        engine crate




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