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        Markets We Serve


        AutomotoveAutomotive is where we started, and it keeps propelling us forward with greater challenges. We learned the hard way. From ISO standards to just in time, the auto industry demands attention to detail, reporting, quality, and cycle time second to none. We produce standard and custom corrugated systems and specialized dividers and partitions to carefully protect components with a class-A finish.


        AgriculturalGenesee manufacturers expendable containers used throughout the Agriculture industry supply chain. Eco-packaging matters and we’re there. We also produce pallet pack systems that provide low-cost yet versatile solutions for ergonomic assembly-line load/unload.


        Aerospace demands perfection in parts manufacture and delivery. Genesee delivers with custom-made dividers and partitions made of foam or foam-covered to assure your parts arrive at their destination in the same condition you produced them. Aerospace firms leverage our value-added inspection services to assure a single inspection process is applied throughout the supply chain.

        Apparel, Clothing & Textiles

        Genesee produces packaging that coddles sensitive fabrics and finished clothing. Many firms in the apparel business leverage our warehousing & distribution services to “leave the driving to us.”

        Internet Sales

        177474920Genesee can handle complete?warehousing, inventory, packaging and logistics?management for internet-based sales firms. You can work out of a small space, we’ll be your big-space support.


        Genesee supplies the Electronics industry with many packaging solutions such as trays and partitions made from conductive plastic corrugated and ANTI-static foam diecuts and inserts to give complete protection to electronics products.

        Material Handling

        Genesee produces a large selection of standard and custom material handling containers and boxes used for shipping, storage, and/or work in process (WIP). Our heavy-duty corrugated products can replace more expensive plastic containers with an equally-durable product that is recyclable and green.

        Food & Beverage

        156823907Genesee produces many packaging products for the storage and transportation of food applications. We make special coatings available for food-grade packaging.


        Genesee supports the pharmaceutical and medical industries with plastic and foam dividers used in packaging for storage and protection of products like vials, tubes and equipment. We provide clean and reliable packaging for storage and/or shipping. Our supply chain and kitting services are often chosen by medical supply firms whose role is to assure the right products are packaged together and delivered to hospitals with patient-specific bar code or RFID labeling.

        Retail Sales

        Genesee produces many products for retail applications that have a great appearance, support your product, and can withstand outdoor elements.

        Defense & Government

        149020479Genesee manufactures a wide variety of?Mil-spec packaging.?With CAGE codes and GSA license, Genesee offers numerous services from?packaging?to?warehousing & distribution?to?supply chain solutions?in support of Prime contractors, local government agencies and more. We can design?custom packaging?to exceed the rigid requirements of the government.


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