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        Loss of Sales & Customer Satisfaction Due to Poor Delivery Performance?


        Poor DeliveryOne of our customers was struggling with significant past due service orders driven by a lack of space which in turn resulted in non value added material movement and productivity constraints.? There was extreme dissatisfaction from the ultimate customer with monetary penalties and loss of contracts being threatened.?


        • Disassemble/relocate and install production process in 36 hours
        • Production bottlenecks eliminated
        • FIFO Receiving, Packaging and Shipping of Finished Service Orders
        • Error Proofing? of
          • Components within the package
          • Package Identification, Bar Coding and Country of Origin
          • Multiple Shipping Destinations
        • Created an electronic communication process that provided scheduling information from the ultimate customer,? to our customer and then to us and in reverse for outbound shipment notifications


        • Past due schedules of 400,000 pieces eliminated within two months.
        • Ultimate customers’ satisfaction level was dramatically improved
        • Long term relationship between our customer and the ultimate customer was stabilized
        • Quality standards for marking, communication timing, accuracy of quantity and destination achieved



        Genesee Packaging??More Proof of How Genesee Packaging Saves Client’s Time & Money!!


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