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        Loss of Sales & Customer Confidence due to Quality Concerns?

        QC ConcernsCHALLENGE:

        One of our customers was encountering a significant non-conforming material issue with a significant sub assembly (transmissions) due to the humidity and length of transit with inadequate packaging being utilized for overseas shipments from the US to Australia.? The product was not saleable upon arrival and their long term relationship with the ultimate customer was in jeopardy.? They needed a solution fast!


        • GPI developed a process providing rust/vapor protection by creating and building a production line/spray booth that ensured the product was protected internally and externally.?
        • The packaging was redesigned to provide minimal exposure to the environment and to improve density.
        • GPI improved inventory traceability and FIFO processing .


        • Eliminated non-conforming rust.
        • Reduced landed international freight costs by 30%.
        • ?Customer satisfaction and Improved Relationships.
        • Components arrived on schedule in a saleable condition.



        Genesee Packaging??More Proof of How Genesee Packaging Saves Client’s Time & Money!!


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