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        Integrated Logistics Solutions


        Genesee offers complete transportation and logistics management services. By contracting and managing a network of national, regional and local carriers we are able to offer a complete package of freight handling services – the integrated logistics solution you require to increase efficiency and lower costs. Additional transportation services we are able to provide include:

        • Expedited
        • Port and Rail Drayage
        • Intermodal
        • International (Ocean Freight/Air Freight)
        • Less-than-truckload
        • Specialized Equipment – temperature controlled, HAZMAT, etc.
        • Freight Forwarding
        • And more…


        Reliable Transportation

        transpo 144Reliability is critical for any transportation provider. We have a fleet of trucks Genesee and the carrier partners we use know that the freight must reach its destination on time, every time, without damage, without fail. The following services are available within the United States and Canada:

        • LTL and Full truckload shipments
        • Spot and milk runs
        • Expedites/ Emergency runs




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        Check out our innovative solutions to the toughest challenges



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