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        Light Assembly Services

        Mfg_ServicesGenesee provides assembly and sub-assembly services that are fully integrated with your processes to ensure maximum efficiency.?Our assembly expertise ranges from small components to large automotive assemblies and everything in between.

        By sending us your assembly and sub-assembly projects, Genesee Packaging can help you reduce inventory and labor costs while improving efficiency and streamlining your processes.


        Singing the Floorspace Blues?

        Copy of GJ7K9903If you’re suffering bottlenecks and are just plain running out of space to deal with it, don’t! Call Genesee instead.

        We integrate with your processes and lift the bottleneck burden from your back. There are many reasons to move your bottleneck operation out of your facility and into ours:

        • Too many changeovers to support a low-volume product line like service parts
        • Behind on schedules
        • Can’t put enough people on a line to make it work
        • Capacity constraints


        Production Throughput Partner

        Genesee believes that improving production throughput of any facility or process begins by working smarter, not harder.

        Despite any physical, staff, machine or facility constraints you can imagine, Genesee can aid by improving the efficiency and quality scores of a specific operation or individual process. By utilizing the methods and staff employed by Genesee, you can expect to accelerate throughput and improve capacity utilization.


        Capacity Constraint Relief

        cra-144As a fully-integrated operation, Genesee thrives on operating light assembly processes. We develop an ISO-certified process that assures quality –

        • Standard visual work instructions for each operation
        • Quality validations
        • Testing & inspection
        • Cycle time and throughput reporting
        • Kitting, packaging
        • Inventory management



        Sound too good to be true?

        Read about the time Genesee moved a 24-operation assembly process
        over a weekend and had it up and running at our facility on Monday.



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