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        Kitting Processes

        • Kitting_IconState-of-the-art Systems — Advanced fulfillment capabilities help you manage inventory throughout the kitting cycle, from individual components to creation of new SKUs.
        • Efficiency and Accuracy — Our engineering team maps efficient kitting processes and builds in quality checks to ensure the accuracy of final kits.
        • Flexible Staffing — Our labor solutions help you economically manage activity spikes and meet last-minute requests.


        Next Generation Supply Chain Partner

        20130206_094849-1When your distribution operation requires you to combine multiple products into new product kits, Genesee’s kitting services can help. We have experience breaking down bulk materials and products, unitizing and creating multi-packs, even custom-made kits with bar-code or RFID labeling.

        Our product kitting and assembly services allow you to:

        • Reduce inventory
        • Respond quickly and economically to changing demand for custom packs
        • Fulfill individual custom orders


        Integrated Kitting Partner

        • Package engineering and design
          • Concept development and prototypes
        • Procurement
          • Materials (corrugated, paperboard, vacuum or thermoform, shrink, liners etc)
        • Manual and automated assembly
          • Customizable, flexible set-up, quick change-over, multiple assembly lines for concurrent projects and capabilities
        • Custom assembly and kitting
        • Shrink, bundle-wrapping, blister pack
          • Multi-packs, tray packs, banding
        • Warehouse and distribution
          • Inventory management of packaging supplies, WIP, finished goods
          • Production management, sourcing, labor, process/cost improvements
        • Labeling
          • Bar code
          • RFID chips

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