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        Inventory Management Services

        Inventory_MGT_IconOur proven Vendor Managed Inventory processes help our customers by providing a reliable service that decreases inventory and operating costs, all while offering greater visibility into the supply chain. A Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) partnership is successful because:

        • We leverage our extensive VMI experience to truly understand the variances in shipping requirements.
        • We use our proprietary software to provide visibility to our suppliers and clients.
        • We incorporate our ISO9001 standards and Quality Metrics to drive 100% accuracy in all processes.
        • We combine VMI processes with other value added services such as to provide the best possible cost savings solutions to our clients.
        • We work collaboratively with our clients to build long term relationships that allow for competitive market advantages based on significant cost saves in the supply chain combined with unique, customized services.

        GJ7K9875A VMI partnership with Genesee assists our customers to focus on their manufacturing processes while we focus on having the right part in the right place at the right time. EVERY TIME.






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