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        Bottlenecked Due to Space Constraints


        Engine PlantOne of our customers did not have adequate space in their facility to warehouse the number of sub assemblies (engines) required to maintain their balanced production line. This bottleneck threatened their production up-time because material was not staged in the right place at the right time. They needed a solution fast.



        Within 24-hours, we:


        • A warehouse within a 10 minute radius
        • Logistical machinery

        Developed a FIFO

        • Receiving,
        • Staging and
        • Picking Program

        Plant Floor


        Reported Real-Time Metrics

        • Inbound,
        • Outbound and
        • Inventory Balance


        • Eliminated customer space bottleneck,
        • Created customer floor space for stamping dies,
        • Provided
        • 25,000 SF space
        • 24-hour service
        • Logistical OpertationsInspection services eliminating troublesome non-conformances,
        • Sequencing
        • Significant production throughput increase






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