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        Dividers & Partitions - Returnable & Expendable

        Dividers  Partitions_IconOur partition assemblies and dividers are designed to fit your existing containers or custom-designed totes. We provide returnable dunnage and plastic dividers, or standard corrugated dividers that are expendable, recyclable and with just the right flute. Expendable dividers, returnable partitions –

        • Corrugated Cell Partitions – light-duty, heavy-duty
        • Chipboard – including polycoatings
        • Plastic Partitions – 2 to 5mm re-usable or recyclable
        • Foam Partitions – polyethylene die cut to precise shapes


        Custom Dunnage Solutions Make Money

        insertsMore Products per Container

        Imagine if you could add 1 more product to a container. What would that mean? Money in your pocket! At Genesee, we challenge ourselves to design custom partitions that package more products per container.

        More Product Protection

        Some products just won’t fit in square or rectangular cells. Or they will at the risk of damage while shipping. We recognize no 2 products are alike when it comes to packaging and shipping, so we go the extra step to develop custom dunnage solutions.

        Die-cut dividers. Coated partitions. Foam inserts. Each is custom designed and manufactured to perfectly contain and protect you product.





        plastic inserts (2)








        Find out what Genesee can do for You

        Check out how Genesee saved an Advanced Battery supplier’s
        delivery schedule with a custom corrugated packaging solution




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