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        Custom Applications Packaging; Industrial & Commercial Special Coatings

        Custom_IconGenesee Packaging offers a full line of custom packaging application coatings – all available to protect an array of contents.

        • Abrasion resistant special coatings
        • Moisture resistant special coatings
        • Corrosion resistant special coatings
        • Anti-static special coatings


        Class-A Part Protection – Nomar Abrasion-Resistant Packaging

        engine2 144Genesee Packaging offers abrasion-resistant Nomar? coatings to eliminate the common abrasion that occurs between the inside of the shipping container, dividers and the packaged item.

        Painted products are particularly more prone to abrasion today because they are often packed before the finish is fully cured. Nomar coating provides class-A part protection, enabling higher part density while minimizing the risk of scuffing. Nomar offers the advantages of durability for long-term use, it’s recyclable and FDA approved for food packaging.

        Nomar? is typically used on:

        • Packaging for automotive parts such as headlight lenses and painted parts
        • Partitions inside boxes so that more items can be packed into each box
        • Food packages to prevent pinholing
        • Cornerposts used in appliance boxes to reduce surface contact between the appliance and the box


        Anti-Static Packaging

        Anti StaticGenesee Packaging offers a variety of anti-static packaging solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Our static control packaging products include:

        • Static shielding for electronics, computer and hi-tech industries
        • Anti-static sheet protectors for transporting and storing sensitive documents
        • Government packaging specifications, including anti-static mil spec packaging (barriers and bags)


        Moisture-Resistant & Corrosion-Resistant Packaging

        • flexo 144Corrosion prevention films, anti-rust papers
        • Degradable additives, films and cushioning
        • Dessicant and moisture control products, packets and bulk dessicants

        We know that your products often require an extra level of protection. If you have a special application not listed here, call us.? We’ll find the solution and make sure it meets your needs.



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        Check out how Genesee Helped

        Solve a particularly puzzling rust challenge on shipments to Australia

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