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        Contract Packaging; It’s easier with Genesee

        Contact_Packaging_IconAny time a product cannot be manufactured and packaged within the same work center, it costs money! You can control this cost with Genesee’s Contract Packaging Services.

        We’ll receive your product in bulk, and we will design and deliver a cost effective packaging system that requires zero capital investment. We can unitize, package, provide warehouse services and ship to your requirements – with a turnaround time that’s second to none. ?We’re here to allow you to keep your production processes steady and consistent. We’ll even ship direct if that’s your preference.


        Third Party Packaging Services Save Time & Money

        yhst-54000238993728_2256_66118By outsourcing labor intensive contract packaging, you can save costs and increase your operational inefficiencies. Our contract packaging services include:

        • Packaging
        • Assembly
        • Unitizing
        • Shrink wrapping
        • Pouching
        • Kitting and Bagging
        • Pallet Repackaging/Reconfiguring
        • Unitizing & Merchandising
        • Labeling
        • Bar code labeling
        • RFID labeling
        • Fulfillment
        • Warehousing
        • Logistics
        • Hazardous Material Handling certified (Haz-Mat)
        • EDI capable

        Genesee Packaging helps you focus on doing what you do best… and leave the packaging to us.

        See How Genesee helped

        a Customer Save a Large Job!







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