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        Corrugated Packaging Containers

        containersWhen you choose Genesee Packaging, you’re working with the manufacturer – not a packaging distributor. We manufacture corrugated packaging containers to standard and custom sizes. Shoot us a spec – we’ll have it made faster than you can imagine.

        All grades & sizes of corrugated cartons:

        • Standard and custom sizes
        • Single wall to triple wall
        • Heavy duty
        • Glued, taped or stitched joints
        • Kraft brown, mottled white, bleached white or custom coated color
        • Graphics & Printing – 1 color to complex litho-laminated graphics


        Custom Corrugated Expendables

        20131202_152341x500Our state-of-the-art high-speed flexo-folder-gluer machines can sequentially score, slot, print and glue with the highest quality and best efficiency.

        • Quantity – 1 to millions
        • Size – small to large
        • Configuration – you spec it, we’ll make it
        • Hand holes, Break Aways, Custom cut-outs
        • Graphics & Printing – 1 color to complex litho-laminated graphics




        Find out what Genesee can do for You

        Check out how Genesee revised carton specs to
        solve a Military Prime Supplier’s corrugated challenge.



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