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        Integrated Commodity Solutions

        Com_MgtIconMany customers tap Genesee value-added resources by combining Commodity Management with our Logistics, Inspection?and Kitting services for a complete end-to-end system – with one set of reports and metrics.

        We provide commodity management for your products at your facility, ours, or at your supplier’s facility. We’ll perform the purchasing, cost tracking and develop process efficiencies.


        Next Generation Supply Chain Partner

        GJ7K9903Genesee provides the moving parts you look for to strengthen your supply chain. Often that begins with Commodity Management. We understand that every product that reaches your door and your customer represents the effort of many who touched individual pieces to build the assembly you deliver.

        We have years of experience in ordering and purchasing key commodities just-in-time to assure smooth flowing operations, without excessive inventory costing money sitting on shelves.




        See how Genesee's Commodity

        Management helped a customer open a new high-volume facility sucessfully

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