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        Genesee Packaging, Inc.
        Your Next Generation Supply Chain Partner

        Managing a supply chain is complex. Manufacturers, Distributors and Logistics providers partner with Genesee Packaging so they can focus on their core business. We’ll do the rest. We’re not another supplier to manage – our supply chain solutions unlock your company’s real potential.

        Located in the heart of the manufacturing Midwest since 1979, just in time runs through our blood. So does cycle time. And number of? parts/container. Ditto inspection & sorting. Warehousing. Logistics. Speed to market.

        Genesee Packaging, Inc
        Your Next Generation Problem Solver

        Any of these problems sound familiar?

        • Supplier count reduction?
        • Operational bottlenecks?
        • Damage claims?
        • Risk management?
        • Cost reduction targets?
        • Supplier system compatibility?
        • Floorspace constraints?
        • Freight cost increases?

        You’ve come to the right place. At Genesee Packaging, we keep you a step ahead with Next Generation Packaging.? That means a lot of things to us, but mostly it means we solve problems, we break rules, we help you achieve goals. Want to learn more?




        Warehousing & Storage


        Logistics & Distribution


        Supply Chain Management


        Solving Your Toughest Challenges

        Find out what Genesee Packaging can do for You

        Learn More

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